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Zsolnay Light Festival

Pécs, Hungary

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The Zsolnay Light Festival is the first and only festival of light in Hungary. At this unique event after nightfall the spatial-specific works of light-art of domestic and foreign artist amaze visitors in the cosy streets, squares, inner gardens and church facades of Pécs. Familiar nooks, ancient and modern buildings, green parks and foliage are dressed up in casual light costumes woven of millions of pixels. Each year in the framework of the festival the Zsolnay Light Art Mapping Competition attracts tens of thousands of eyes where the best artworks are presented on the facade, on all four towers and on the roof of the iconic Pécs Cathedral.

For the fifth time now, nearly 170 free outdoor and indoor programs, amazing mappings, light installations, street-art productions and concerts awaits visitors at the Zsolnay Light Festival. The event attracting 80,000 visitors in 2019, is held at 30 Sept - 3 October this year to offer unforgettable days in downtown Pécs for those who want special light experiences.

We usually organize the Light Festival on the last weekend of June, first weekend of July. The event is planned for this year, but postponed due to COVID, between 30 September - 3 October, 2021