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Visualia Festival

Pula, Croatia

Visualia Festival is an annual three-day festival of light, new media and technology located in Pula, Croatia.
The first editions took place in May, but after that the festival found its place in the late season in mid-September and has remained there to this day.
The Visualia Festival has seven editions and nine years of existence.
The festival presents various forms of light art distributed within a kilometer route that stretches through the heart of the city and which, in addition to art installations, video mappings and other light art, allows us to see all the Roman cultural heritage that Pula has prospered. It is this fusion of history and technology that gives the festival its true charm.
Every year, the festival at its approximately 17 locations and about 20 art installations attracts over 25,000 visitors to whom the Visualia Festival already symbolically represents a gradual transition to the next season and the closing of the summer season.
The main organizer of the festival is the Sonitus Association with all its partners and friends without whom all of this would be impossible.