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Vilnius Light Festival

Vilnius, Lithuania

Next event: 25.01.2024 - 28.01.2024

In 1323, on January 25th, Duke Gediminas sent one of his famous letters, as if illuminating this little-known western European land to the eyes of europeans, and permanently placing Vilnius on the map of Europe. This date is now considered the birthday of Vilnius.

From now on, Vilnius’ birthday will be celebrated much brighter and vivider every year during Vilnius Light Festival.

The lighting installations in the Old Town of Vilnius, its streets and squares will breathe life into the city and its citizens, warm the cold mid-winter, highlight the city’s architecture and will draw citizens from their homes to the streets, and bring foreign guests to our capital. Bridges and churches, squares and sculptures – see the lights play with them and with the audience as well.

Let’s celebrate the birthday of Vilnius just as this wonderful city of Gediminas deserves.

Show up, congratulate our city on its birthday, check out the great lighting installations! We will be posting more information about the locations and route of the Festival of Lights soon – follow the news on this Facebook event page.