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Lights On

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Lights On is a young light-art festival focused on presenting light artworks to the general audience in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, while developing the general understanding for public art, public spaces and their special relationship. Established in 2018, Lights On has proven itself as an event that challenges the way we relate to the spaces around us. Due to its long running period (three weeks in 2019) and it's always changing selection of venues, the festival captivates and intrigues general audiences by mixing well established or unknown urban spaces with contemporary art vibes that attract crowds to various parts of the city-center, always connecting them by walking guided tours.

In 2018, Lights On presented Luke Jerram's Museum of the Moon for the first time in a Catholic Church in Romania, drawing more than 60.000 people to the site, while in 2019 it presented the first multi-city artistic dialogue presenting three artworks in three different cities (London, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest) and emphasizing the powerful role of light in the collective drama of Romania's Youth Exodus (more than 5.6 million Romanians live abroad).

Lights On has an important cultural, artistic, scientific, touristic and social value, contributing to the development of the artistic scene in Romania and beyond. Every year, the festival empowers local young artists to present their works in the festival. Beyond light artworks, the festival works with several cities to promote a contest that establishes new and creative ways of decorating public spaces for the winter holidays. This is also a first for Romania.

Lights On is a free event made possible by the contribution of public and private sponsors, who we would like to thank.

Lights On is developed by the Daisler Association. Founded in 2016 as an NGO, the Daisler Association aims to accelerate urban regeneration processes by reconnecting people with places in creative and cultural ways. Lights On is just one such example.
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