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Leipzig Festival of Lights

Leipzig, Germany

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Calling "We are the people" and "No violence", around 70,000 people gathered on October 9, 1989, to march along Leipzig's inner city ring road, demonstrating for freedom and democracy and thus paving the way for the fall of the Wall, for the unity of Germany and Europe. The dramatic events of autumn 1989 still move people today.

Since 2009 the Leipzig Festival of Lights has taken place on the October 9, to keep the memories of the Peaceful Revolution alive: Artistic projects are presented along the Leipzig’s inner-city ring road taking up the historical events of autumn 89 in the public space to reflect them in the current context and make them emotionally tangible. The festival aims at building a bridge to the present and convey the inherited values of peace and freedom in a European perspective while turning people into players through participation.