LUX Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

Lux Helsinki is an annual five-day light art festival that takes place in the city centre at the start of January around the Epiphany holidays. The event presents a diverse range of light art in different forms along a new route each year stretching for more than a kilometre along the streets of the Finnish capital. In addition to highlighting some of the most iconic buildings in Helsinki, the route also reveals less familiar courtyards and façades.

The Lux Helsinki programme comprises specially commissioned works and selected works from other international light art festivals as curated by Ilkka Paloniemi together with Christina Dvinge (DK) and Martin Pošta (CZ). The festival is organised by the Helsinki Events Foundation, and the technical production is by Sun Effects.

Each year the festival attracts over half a million people, who come to marvel at how familiar buildings and spaces are temporarily transformed into unique works of urban art. The experience created by the power and beauty of light encourages people to get outside and enjoy the winter festival during the darkest time of the year, even in the freezing temperatures. Throughout the award-winning festival, related light-inspired events and Lux Helsinki Eat also liven up the city.

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