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Gaston Zahr

Gaston Zahr

Gaston has studied architecture in Germany and worked for renowned international design offices in the Netherlands and other countries, before starting his own multidisciplinary practice – OGE Group – together with Merav Eitan.

Since 2007 OGE is responsible and recognized for numerous high quality and successful light design and art direction projects in Israel and around the world – many of them initially deemed as mission impossibles and of highly entrepreneurial character.

Israel, Germany, China, Russia, US, UK, Poland, The Netherlands, Singapore, France, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary are only a few of the locations where OGE has been present on multiple occasions.

From 2017 Merav and Gaston are the artistic directors of the Jerusalem Light Festival, one of the biggest events of such kinds in the Middle East, that draws close to a million visitors.

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