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  • ILO is a collaboration of 28 prominent Light Festivals from all around the Globe, and still growing!!

  • ILO AWARD: Our jury of amazing festival directors is going to select an artwork to award with our prestigious ILO Award in memoriam Jean-Francois Zurawik.

    (Closing date for considerations: 31.11.2021)

    The award includes:
    Potentially participate at the general meeting of ILO 
    Introduce him/herself to the festival directors in person. 
    Contribution up to 300 Euros to travel and accommodation fees. 
    Trophy of acknowledgement

  • Through our Artist Platform, we directly connect artists with festival directors to encourage exceptional collaborations.

  • Our international Team provides worldwide exposure for the artists.

  • Every application is reviewed carefully, and accessible for each Light Festival to select.

  • Do not miss out on opportunities to learn, grow, develop and create together with this awesome team of creative minds.

The yearly subscription fee per project to reach all festivals is 35 € (2.92 €/mo).